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>  IS-BAO Certified Auditor                                                           

>   IS-BAO Implementation Support                                              

-   Our Certified Auditor will help you prepare 

for IS-BAO Certification

>  Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs)   to comply with                

Transport Canada Requirements.

 >  EFBs in the Cockpit - Compliance Documentation.                  

 >  We are dedicated to making the skies safer and                      

operations more cost-effective. 

  >  We develop Compliance Documentation:                                  

-   (SMS, SOP, COM, MCM, MPM, POC: Initial and Revisions)

>  Private Operator Registration (Initial or Start-Up Support     

>  Canadian Private Operator Auditing                                      

                                                          IBAC Auditor IS-BAO Auditor MEL GMEL MMEL CMEL OMEL  

Last Updated: 18 Jul 2016